Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 3 (Adult Comics)

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Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 3.

By Colber.

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FHM Germany, July 2008

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FHM Germany, Juli 2008.

Wir Haben dem Team Deutschland aus Hot Shots beim Training zugesehen.

Sommcrmodc im Stil dcr Achtziger.

Gut für die Unfallstatistik: Palmers wirbt diese Saison nicht an viel befahrenen Straßen.

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Corpo a Corpo, May 2008

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Corpo a Corpo, Maio 2008.

Monique Alfradique
Revela seus segredos paa exibir este shape malhado e sensual.

Liso... E Incrivelmente Lindo
O alisamento que ficou tão bem na sua melhor amiga pode não ser o ideal para você. Saiba como escolher.

14 Dicas Para Esticar O Tempo
Conheça as novas apostas dos dermatologistas para tratar a cútis e manter o rosto sempre jovem e bonito.

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PC Magazine, July 2008

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Seven Technologies That Will Touch Your Life
The future will be a feast for the senses. We visited leading research labs to investigate new technologies poised to enhance our ability to touch, see, hear, and even smell. Come along for a look at the material that may someday revolutionize microprocessors -- and at what your laptop, phone, and digital camera could look like in 2020.

Store It, Keep It
Storage is incredibly cheap. Still, not enough of us keep our data backed up. We show you the best devices for protecting your data and the top apps and services for automatic backup.

Wi-Fi Home Improvements
Keep your network running at peak performance -- and choose who reaps the benefits.

Shooting and Editing Better Videos
Millions of words and photographs have been devoted to telling amateur cinematographers how to shoot videos, but this advice can be broken down into two rules. These rules apply across all editing platforms, and if you abide by them you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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CorelDRAW Pro, May 2008

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Using CorelDRAW
Basic blend tool functions.

CorelDRAW Applied
The Object Manager: Layers.

Inside Color
The raw deal.

Inside Transfers
Transferring images to tiles.

Inside Laser
Laser engraving anodized aluminum.

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Sports Illustrated, Winter 2008

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Swimsuit 2008
Barely bikinis.

On the Cover
Marisa Miller, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Brooklyn Decker, Bar Refaeli, Daniella Sarahyba, Carmella Garcia, and more.

Semi-Pro Sneak Peek
Heidi Klum rolls with Will Ferrell. Heidi's decision to pose with the Tropics star came back to bite her in the butt -- but in a, uh, good way.

NFL Cheerleaders
Are you ready for the Swimsuit debut of pro football's finest?

Secret Garden
Jessica and Yasmin went wild in Maui, plunging into a rarely explored Eden.

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Bar Refaeli in GQ Italy, March 2006

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Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model, known for her modeling work and for her relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2007, she was awarded "Sexiest Import" at the 2007 Spike TV Guys' Choice Awards.

Birth name: Bar Refaeli
Birth date: June 4, 1985
Birth location: Hod HaSharon, Israel
Measurements: 89-60-89 cm
Height: 5' 9" (174 cm)

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Penthouse Comix, Issue 7

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I Am Not, Batman
This is NOT Batman. Uh uh, no way...

Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny
Episode 7: Final Destiny. The thrilling conclusion!

Episode 4: Cherished Illusions. The shocking truth about the politically correct world of tomorrow.

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 6: Scullery Maid. "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..."

Generation Sex
"About Last Night" or "The best sex I ever had.", from the pages of Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix comes a bite of reality for slackers from Seattle. True tales from the trenches in the ongoing war of the sexes.

Paper Dolls: Scion
Yenriet Mot is back with more toys for grown ups, all you need is a pair of scissors and a dirty mind...

Episode 6: "The way". A new Scion joins the family as old enemies clash in a dance of death...

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EGO, April 2007

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EGO, Апрель 2007.

PDF | Russian | 33.6 MB


Smart Computing, July 2008

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Clean Out Your PC
10 Windows maintenance tasks: keep your PC healthy with built-in tools.

Windows XP: Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts
From CTRL-A to CTRL-Z.

Windows Vista: The Ins & Outs of Service Pack 1
A major update for the new OS.

All about Cores
What you need to know.

Digitize Home Movies
Put your homemade movies onto new media.

Take Control of Your Web Browser
Install, locate & configure your browser toolbars.

What to Do When... You Can't Listen to a CD/DVD
A computer and some quality speakers make for a great audio system. We show you how to troubleshoot a silent PC so you can kick back and enjoy your tunes.

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Vakaro Ziniu Calendar 2008

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Vakaro žinių kalendorius 2008.

13 pics | 2032 x 2629 (Ultra HQ) | 10.5 MB


Playboy's College Girls, Nov 2000

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Back to school with sexy new coeds!

On the Cover
Harmony Guffey, Paradise Valley Community College.

Sonva Bright, Kim Hiou, Rachel Ayars, Holly Lastinger, and more.

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Elektor Electronics, June 2008

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9 Sound Cards on the Rack
The quality of A/D and D/A converters makes it quite tempting to use a sound card for audio equipment measurements, especially as it fits quite nicely in the Windows environment. However, it takes more than good converters to make a good instrument, as we all know. Our test shows how well a number of sound cards score with real signals.

With the SAPS-400 we offer a powerful, adjustable symmetrical supply that's ideal for lightweight audio power amplifiers and happily sits in less than a quarter of the space taken by a comparable supply of conventional design.

This low-cost project allows you to connect from 1 up to 128 digital thermometers like the Dallas DS18B20 directly on a single two-wire cable. All temperature values are recorded on your PC through a USB port without memory space limitation. Using the software manager developed for the project you can monitor the temperature in real time and set an alarm threshold value for each individual thermometer.

2-Pound RLC Meter
Is it possible to make an RLC meter for less than two pounds? In this article the authors answer this question with a resounding "yes" in the form of a simple and compact circuit that will enable you to make RLC measurements rapidly, accurately, and, above all, cheaply.

PDF | 14.7 MB

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Vois Ça, No. 53, 2008

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Vos stars préférées comme vous ne les avez jamais vues.

Sam Heuston
La nouvelle TV trash bimbo US!

Keira Knightley
La star de Pirates des Caraïbes.

Paris Hilton

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Electronic Gaming Monthly, July 2008

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Gears of War 2
We go man vs. bug in our world exclusive on the multiplayer modes in Xbox 360's chain saw massacre.

Feeling Disconnected?
EGM investigates why Wii online sucks -- and why Nintendo doesn't seem to care.

Banjo-Kazooie 3: Nuts & Bolts
We take a Rare opportunity to check out a bold new bear.

Game Guns in Real Life
A real military expert takes aim at videogame weaponry to reveal the good, the bad, and the just plain silly.

PDF | 18.1 MB


Closer, May 19 - 25, 2008

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Closer, No 153 - Du 19 Au 25 Mai 2008.

Cécilia et Caria
Un même homme lie leurs destins. Mais alors que l'une l'a quitté et que l'autre vient de l'épouser, laquelle des deux est la plus heureuse? Amour, travail...

Lily Allen
Lily Allen affiche ses nouvelles rondeurs. Et elle a bien raison...

Jennifer Aniston
Amoureuse de John Mayer.

Angelina Jolie
Oui, j'attends des jumeaux.

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Fetish BubbleGirls: Worldwide BubbleGirls photograffitis

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Author: TILT

Publisher: Publikat

Date: September 2007

Pages: 128


Fetish BubbleGirls presents the work of internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt in an unabashedly new, colorful, and playful volume.

Graffiti has always been an inherently dangerous, high-wire act -- the execution of art in risky, often illegal situations. And one could argue for a strong parallel that exists between the classic graffiti writing's extensive use of bubbly, curvaceous shapes and the female form. The French born graf writer obsessively explores these tensions and parallels in Fetish BubbleGirls as he explores the world in search of beautiful young canvases on which to execute his art. Although this mission straddles the globe, there is a common thread that emerges as the most striking detail of the project -- the openness and balance between innocence and playfulness and sexuality and the highly charged environment that all of the models inhabit.

TILT is a member of the all-star French artists collective Le Club.

PDF | 75.9 MB | Download

Beautiful Babe: Katharine McPhee

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Katharine Hope McPhee (born March 25, 1984) is an American pop singer, actress, and model who was the runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006. McPhee was persuaded by Nick Cokas and her parents to try out for American Idol. At the end of the final, the final votes revealed that McPhee did not receive a majority of the votes, thus crowning Taylor Hicks the new American Idol. In October 2006, McPhee dedicated a performance of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" during the Carousel of Hope Ball which Whitney attended. In mid-2007, McPhee was named one of the year's 100 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine. She was also voted #2 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in The World of 2007 and #47 on Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2007. McPhee will star in the indie suspense thriller, The Storyteller. The movie is being directed by Robert A. Masciantonio. Katharine will play the role of Tina.


Name: Katharine McPhee
Birth Name: Katharine Hope McPhee
Height: 5' 8''
Nationality: American
Date of birth: March 25, 1984
Horoscope: Aries
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession: Singer, Actress
Education: Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California
The Boston Conservatory (attended for 3 semester, majoring in musical theater)
Sister: Adrianna McPhee (older)

SI Swimsuit Model: Tori Praver

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Tori PraverTori PraverTori PraverTori Praver
Tori Praver grew up in Maui, Hawaii. She is an American model perhaps best known for her appearances in the 2007 and 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also done work for Guess?, Yamamay, and Liu-Jo. Tori was discovered by Cindy Kauanui of Jet Set Models after appearing in Outside magazine. She was on the cover of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Cover magazines. In addition to working with world class photographers on her Sports Illustrated shoots, she was the object/subject of several Joanne Gair body painting works in these editions.


Name: Tori Praver
Date of birth June 4,1986
Horoscope: Gemini
Place of birth: Flag of the United States San Diego, California
Height: 1.80 cm
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue-green
Measurements 34-25-36 (US)
Nationality: American

Playboy's Bathing Beauties, March 1994

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Perfectly suited for spring.

Melissa Anne, Rowan Alexanders and Sloane De Clèves set out with their mascot for a boat ride.

After dropping anchor, and bikini tops, the peppy pooch got them soaking wet, starting a chain reaction that ended in a move to abandon suits.


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Bar Refaeli, Topless in Arena, Feb 2008

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She is the hottest thing to hit modelling since Cindy, Claudia and Elle stalked the catwalks. Meet Bar Refaeli, the supermodel bringing the world -- not to mention the odd Hollywood A-lister -- to its knees.

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model, known for her modeling work and for her relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2007, she was awarded "Sexiest Import" at the 2007 Spike TV Guys' Choice Awards.

Birth name: Bar Refaeli
Birth date: June 4, 1985
Birth location: Hod HaSharon, Israel
Measurements: 89-60-89 cm
Height: 5' 9" (174 cm)

10 pics | 2550 x 3348 (Ultra HQ) | 14.5 MB

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sexy women with killer legs and high heels

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This woman really seduces this insurance agent. Just by showing her incredable legs makes hem crazy! He simply forgets what he came for!
Just watch her perfect tanned silky legs!!!

STD Prevention and Protection (Safe Sex, Sexy Sex #1)

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Fifty percent of Americans will contract a sexually transmitted disease in their lifetimes. But you don't have to give up on great sex to have safe sex.

Very Sexy Stepmom Doing Her Son

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Scotty Daddy İs Gon Busniess Travel And He İs Alone With Very Sexy Stepmother.His Stepmom Very Horny...

Lovely Japan Girl So Sweet

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SEXY OVERLOAD!!! Maxim's Hot 100 Party with Mr. Safety!!

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Most Romantic Passionate Lesbian Kissing! Girls Make out!

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Hot Lesbians Girls Tongue Kissing Sexy Make out

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WATER Fueled Vehicle

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Euro 2008 Hymn and HOT and Sexy Girls

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Aerospace Manufacturing, April 2008

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Aerospace Manufacturing is an industry magazine to focus on the crucially important but often ignored design, production and procurement elements of both the civil and defence aerospace sectors.

One Step Beyond
Being an advanced technology driven electronics company, e2v relies on cuttingedge developments in order to stay ahead of the game. However, with innovation as its central purpose, the company has found itself involved with many pioneering space imaging projects.

Next Generation Technology
CRJ1000 regional jet, the next major step in the evolution of the CRJ Series aircraft family.

Getting it right first time -- Fibre optic cable harness design.

PDF | 5.7 MB

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The Wave Magazine, April 9 - 22, 2008

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Silicon Valley's entertainment & lifestyle publication.

Ten Things Every Dream Home Needs
From futuristic robots and appliances to luxurious beds and exclusive wines, here's our pick of pie-in-the-sky purchases.

Keanu Reeves
He's played a cop before, but this time he ditches the surfboard in the Police drama Street Kings.

Kristen Bell and Russell Brand
Veronica Mars and the hipster British comic chat up the highly anticipated Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

PDF | 40.4 MB

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Science, April 18, 2008

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Optical or electrical pulses can rapidly locate and manipulate the spin of a single electron in a quantum dot or of a nitrogen vacancy in diamond. Such techniques represent progress toward solid-state quantum computing.

The Greening of Synfuels
An old, dirty technology to make transportation fuels from coal could fight global warming, say proponents. The trick is using more biomass and burying the carbon dioxide that's generated.

The Movement of Aquatic Mercury Through Terrestrial Food Webs
Industrial mercury in a contaminated river can spread beyond the immediate area to nearby terrestrial ecosystems through food web connections.

PDF | 29.1 MB

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Penthouse Comix, July/August 1994, Issue 2

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Young Captain Adventure
Darkblood offers Hericane any price for one night of passion, in a story that could only be called "X-Cessive Proposal!"

Libby in the Lost World
Episode 2: "Man of a Thousand Faces". Our favorite New York princess finally gets what she wants... and what she deserves!

An all-girl rock band gets into all-out action!

PDF | 35.8 MB

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BusinessWeek, April 28, 2008

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Most Innovative Companies
Smart ideas for tough times.

Samsung under Siege
Despite years of reform efforts, the founding family has kept an iron grip on the chaebol, steering it to phenomenal growth. Now a government probe has put the group's leadership under the microscope.

Global Banking
The possible unintended consequences of the Basel II rules.

What your bear fund won't tell you.

PDF | 12.7 MB

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U.S.News and World Report, April 28, 2008

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Can America Use Less Energy?
It's no longer, just a question of saving the climate. It's also about saving your pocketbook. And there's no better place to start than at home.

The Love of His Life
How FDR's affair might have changed history.

Tight Budgets, Hard Choices
Mapping priorities can put you on right road.

PDF | 10 MB

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Popular Science, May 2008

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Man of Steel
Iron Man's fictional tech may soon become real. Inside a mountain lab, researchers have already built motorized suits that give ordinary people a superhero's strength.

How to Make a Digital World
We break down Speed Racer to show you how filmmakers put together a racing movie without a single real car.

Wing Men
Think radio-controlled planes are toys? Not the ones that cost $12,000, fly 200 miles an hour, and replicate Navy fighters nearly bolt for bolt. Inside the high-stakes hobby of R/C jets.

The Lunar Habitat Hauler
NASA builds its own version of a mobile home: a robot that carries an astronaut's living space around the moon.

PDF | 24 MB

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Japanese Cosplay Photoshoot, Set 3

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Cosplay stands for "costume play", which is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games.

Cosplay can be seen at public events such as video game shows, as well as at dedicated cosplay parties at nightclubs or amusement parks.

60 pics | 712 x 1072 (HQ) | 19.9 MB

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Personal Computer World, June 2008

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Get a Grip on Vista
Enjoy no-fuss computing with the 20 easy free fixes for Vista.

Survive SP1
Insider’s guide to Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

Broadband Bottleneck
Why Britain’s broadband is so slow.

Image-Editing Software
Six tools to help you improve your photos.

Micro ATX Motherboards
Hybrid micro motherboards -- the way of the future.

Off-Road Sat Navs
Explore road and track with these new dual-purpose GPS navigators.

PDF | 20 MB

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Women's Health, March 2008

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Easy Ways to a Flat Belly
7 moves to flatten your belly.

Lose Weight without the Math
Subtract pounds -- no calculator required.

Dirty Sexy Honeys
This writer comes clean about nasty girls.

The Total-Body Yoga Workout
To tone your body and tame your mind, roll out the yoga welcome mat and try this perfect at-home workout.

PDF | 36.8 MB

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American Photo, March/April 2008

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Charlize Theron
Brings glamour back to Hollywood photos.

The View from the Other Side of the Camera
Who knows better about the power of the still image than the people who make motion pictures?

State of the Art
A special report on how (and why) photographers are now embracing the moving image.

PDF | 17.7 MB

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The Economist, April 19, 2008

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Food: The silent tsunami
Food prices are causing misery and strife around the world. Radical solutions are needed.

The return of Silvio Berlusconi: Mamma mia
Italians may come to regret electing Silvio Berlusconi once again.

McCainomics: One cheer for the Arizona senator
John McCain has followed the Democrats down the populist road.

Zimbabwe: Africa's shame
South Africa's president has prolonged Zimbabwe's agony.

Brazil: An economic superpower, and now oil too
Oil could transform Brazil's economy. But not necessarily for the better.

Derivatives: Taming the beast
It is time to simplify derivatives trading -- but not to stunt it.

Disney: Magic restored
Under its new boss Disney has staged an impressive creative turnaround -- and is making synergy work.

Macquarie Group: For whom the tolls swell
A global bank that epitomised the era of easy credit confounds its critics -- so far.

Cancer therapy: Stemming the tumorous tide
Cancers grow from stem cells. That discovery should translate into better treatment for tumours of all types.

PDF | 2.2 MB

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Elektor Electronics, April 2008

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A power amplifier with error correction.

Elektor Internet Radio (EIR)
Nowadays you can access every Internet radio programme in the world by receiving, buffering and decompressing IP packages. This is all very easy with the state-of-the-art hardware described in this article. All open-source!

A Coldfire 32-bit home automation server.

PDF | 12.9 MB

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