Animal Sheltering, Jan/Feb 2008

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The Facts about Ferrets
They're long, they're lean, and they're not so mean! Feisty ferrets have a rep for being nibbly and stinky, but these relatives of the weasel have gotten a bad rap. We provide a guide for their care within the shelter -- and a glimpse of why their advocates have a mania for mustelids.

Teach the Children Well
Educators aim to leave no child behind, but many of the most important lessons kids can learn -- about kindness and non-violent conflict resolution, for example -- are now being edged out in favor of standardized lessons and regular testing. But by tying your lessons to new educational requirements, you can get humane education back into the curriculum.

Shelter Medicine
Veterinarians are often in the best position to notice signs of animal cruelty, yet studies have shown they seldom report their suspicions.

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