Penthouse Comix, Issue 7

Written by BlueFox on 6:28:00 AM

I Am Not, Batman
This is NOT Batman. Uh uh, no way...

Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny
Episode 7: Final Destiny. The thrilling conclusion!

Episode 4: Cherished Illusions. The shocking truth about the politically correct world of tomorrow.

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 6: Scullery Maid. "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..."

Generation Sex
"About Last Night" or "The best sex I ever had.", from the pages of Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix comes a bite of reality for slackers from Seattle. True tales from the trenches in the ongoing war of the sexes.

Paper Dolls: Scion
Yenriet Mot is back with more toys for grown ups, all you need is a pair of scissors and a dirty mind...

Episode 6: "The way". A new Scion joins the family as old enemies clash in a dance of death...

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