The Economist, April 26, 2008

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Gulf economies: The rise of the Gulf
The Gulf is managing its wealth better during this boom than it did during the last one.

Vietnam: Asia's other miracle
Vietnam has developed at stunning speed by letting market forces do their work. It should free up its politics, too.

Chinese nationalism: Flame on
Rather than shout themselves hoarse, maybe foreign and Chinese protesters could try talking.

The Democrats: Swinging in the wind
How much more of this can the Democrats take?

Bank capital: Joseph and the amazing technicalities
Adjusting banking regulation for the economic cycle.

Recovery at Fiat: The miracle of Turin
The lessons that other carmakers can learn from the fixing of Fiat.

A Special Report on Vietnam
Vietnam has made a remarkable recovery from war and penury. But can it change enough to join the rich world?

UBS: Wealth mismanagement
The Swiss bank gives a candid account of where it all went wrong.

Human evolution: Before the exodus
For two-thirds of its history, Homo sapiens lived exclusively in Africa. Only now are the details of that period becoming clear.

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