PC Magazine, July 2008

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Seven Technologies That Will Touch Your Life
The future will be a feast for the senses. We visited leading research labs to investigate new technologies poised to enhance our ability to touch, see, hear, and even smell. Come along for a look at the material that may someday revolutionize microprocessors -- and at what your laptop, phone, and digital camera could look like in 2020.

Store It, Keep It
Storage is incredibly cheap. Still, not enough of us keep our data backed up. We show you the best devices for protecting your data and the top apps and services for automatic backup.

Wi-Fi Home Improvements
Keep your network running at peak performance -- and choose who reaps the benefits.

Shooting and Editing Better Videos
Millions of words and photographs have been devoted to telling amateur cinematographers how to shoot videos, but this advice can be broken down into two rules. These rules apply across all editing platforms, and if you abide by them you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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