Computer Shopper, June 2008

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Build Your Own Desktop/Laptop
Don't depend on Web sites or brick-and-mortar stores for your new PC -- build one. Whether you want a tiny desktop to take with you, a mammoth gaming machine, an addition to your home theater, or even a laptop, we'll show you how your next computer can be the one you made yourself.

Hot Shots
Just in time for the summer, check out the annual list of the latest digital cameras for 2008. From budget point-and-shoots to prosumer super-zooms, there's a camera for every user. Plus, take a look at this year's latest advancements and some tips on what to look for in a DSLR camera.

Computer Cures
Is your laptop screen a bit temperamental, forcing you to keep it at certain angles in order to properly view what's on it? See what the computer doctor has to say about possible fixes. Plus, he addresses which SATA power connector is right for you, how to find a USB adapter, and when it's time to give up tweaking your computer and just upgrade.

Quiet Your PC
Does the deafening roar emanating from your computer drown out the music and games? Quiet it down with this series of easy steps that target your PC's most prominent noisemakers.

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