The Economist, May 31, 2008

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The oil price: Recoil
Painful though it is, this oil shock will eventually spur huge change. Beware the hunt for scapegoats.

Gordon Brown's travails: Picking fights
Listening to voters has not done the prime minister much good. Leading them might.

Corporate governance in Japan: Bring it on
A few signs of progress in Japan; but it must let young workers compete with older ones.

Enlarging the European Union: Chicken or Kiev?
The European Union must not abandon its most successful policy when it comes to Ukraine.

Nuclear proliferation: Iran's endless filibuster
The world must once again ratchet up its efforts to stop Iran from enriching uranium.

The electoral map: Battlefield America
Under George Bush, red states were red and blue states were blue. This year the map could be drenched in purple.

A special report on EU enlargement
If the recent entry of 12 new EU members had been delayed much longer, it might never have happened, argues David Rennie. That would have been an historic error.

Corporate governance in Japan: Power struggles
As Japanese businesses and bureaucrats block outsiders, domestic forces vie to open the country further.

Stock exchanges: The battle of the bourses
Exchanges have gained from merger speculation and rising trading volumes. But competition from whizzy new markets is starting to spoil the party.

Exploring Mars: The Phoenix has landed
Phoenix has arrived on Mars, in search of places where life might exist. But an analysis of the planet's rocks suggests that there is probably none to look for.

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