Invest in Germany Magazine, April 2008

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Mechanical Engineering: Germany's Industrial Backbone
From precision tools to production lines, from robots to power plants, Germany supplies the mechanical engineering products that drive the wheels of global commerce. All around the world, wherever there's a mission-critical mechanical task to be performed, demand for German engineering is growing.

Robotics and Automation: Smart Machines
Encompassing a broad range of sophisticated products, this industrial sub-sector represents the cutting edge of technological development. German firms working in this field have been utilizing the country's advanced research and development resources to come up with new applications for markets clear across the economic spectrum, from the automotive sector to medicine.

Chinese Capital Meets German Tradition
One of Germany's oldest producers of sewing machines, Dürkopp Adler AG, and China's Shang-Gong Group (SGSB) are aiming to sew up the market with environmentally friendly industrial sewing and production technologies.

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