Men's Health India, Feb 2008

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Foods That Build Muscle
Spicy chicken stir-fry: Grab this hot fare to be lean and strong.
10 new mealtime muscle boosters: Pile some exotic protein-packed foods on your plate to bust diet boredom.
Beyond protein bars: Have these smart snacks without making a trip to the health-food store.

The Next Great Health Threat
In the next two decades, India is likely to have almost one-fourth of the world's diabetic population, and men are particularly at risk from this deadly disease. Act now to prevent it.

Your Best Body Ever
Tweak your workouts to build bigger muscles faster.

Life's Mysteries Solved: Women
Breeze through a blind date with the four-step strategy.

Feel Great Naked, Have Great Sex
Hide your hairy back and bum sag with our positions guide.

Love in Your Hands
Use your fingers to best effect to turn her on in bed.

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