PC Magazine, June 2008

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501 Tips for Better Computing
Your PC user manual has tons of information, but it's also hundreds of pages long. For the very special June issue, we boil down that hundreds of pages into hundreds of tips -- 501 to be precise, carefully organized into nearly three dozen categories. This should take the hard work out of being an expert!

Manage Your Music
Whether you prefer a simple set of playlists or a sophisticated smart-tagging system, follow these tips to organize your music to your heart's content.

Convert Your Records and Tapes
In these days of Blu-ray players, DVRs, and iPods, it's hard to believe we ever relied on VHS tapes for watching video and cassettes for listening to music.

Measuring Identity Theft at Top Banks
Is your bank a top target? Does it matter?

Make the Command Line Work for You
Anyone who uses Linux will quickly find value in using this interface.

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